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My wife and I are currently in the home buying process and Eddie and the The Loeffler Team have so far proven to be a very valuable asset in the house hunting process. Since this will be our first home, Eddie and the team have taken the time to patiently walk us step-by-step through the home-buying process, putting our first-time jitters at ease. Eddie is extremely knowledgeable in his field and always takes the time to explain any real-estate (or non-real estate) related question(s) we ask him. Best of all, he is easily accessible in case there are any questions that come up. Eddie proves that his clients are very important to him, such that he has gone out of his way during non-business hours to show us properties – even when I have given him a short moment’s notice requesting to go see a property in the evening. I would highly recommend Eddie to be part of anyone’s home buying team!

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Eddie and the entire Team at RE/MAX were great to deal with in my home buying process. Professional, knowledgeable, experienced competent and caring are just a few words I can use to describe them. Purchasing a house is a huge step, and they made it very easy for me to make a sound investment in a great neighborhood.

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Eddie and The Loeffler Team made our home buying experience a positive one. Eddie’s knowledge of the area made us feel comfortable with our purchase. He was present for the home inspections and patiently answered any questions or concerns we had regarding the inspections. His input and suggestions were always helpful and his calm demeanor made the process non stressful. If am in the market as a seller or buyer again I will be coming back to Eddie and The Loeffler Team.

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Eddie is an excellent professional. Me and my family are from Brazil to study and live during the next two years here in California. We made our first contact by email and when we met him personally, we feel immediately welcome and safe with your personality. We needed to find a house to rent, and then find good schools for our children. He convinced us to change our mind until we find the right spot and right house in a beautiful and wonderful place in the region of Glendale CA. We had only 10 days to do all that and he showed us with great ability and quickness because he knows all the places between Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia, San Marino and others. He helped us to find school and also took us to the school district to get some information. He even helped us in the negotiations and was very professional in helping us in the best options. Today we have become great friends and of course, if we buy a house in the future he is someone who you can trust helps. [redacted]

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When we started our home search we had no connections in the L.A. area and came across Eddie through an online search. He had good reviews, so we knew others had liked him, but we were anxious to see how we would like him. Having Eddie as our agent ended up being the best decision we could have made. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and very good to work with.

Knowledgeable. Eddie knows the area really well, so when we were picking neighborhoods that we thought we liked, he was able to tell us his opinion and steer us to areas that were a better fit for us in terms of location and just the general “feel” of the neighborhood. Those sorts of things are not obvious from just looking online, or even from a quick drive. Over time, Eddie learned what was important to us and knew whether we would like one area over another. Ultimately, he recommended a house to us that we hadn’t considered before and we ended up loving it and moving in.

Experienced: At each step of the process, Eddie was really great about helping us navigate the search. As we started picking houses to view, he knew what to look for, and would point out things to us that we otherwise may not have thought about: quirks in the layout of the house; location relative to my job, stores, etc.; how big or updated the rooms were relative to other houses in the area, etc. It was so helpful to have an experienced set of eyes looking at each house with us. When we picked a house and started negotiating a lease, he helped us hone our expectations so we knew what to expect from the landlord, what the landlord was being generous with, and areas where we should expect more. That made the lease-signing process much more comfortable. Then when we moved in, he walked through the house with us and helped us fill out the paperwork. He noticed several things as we walked through the house that we didn’t catch. We try to be very careful with major decisions we make, but there is just no substitute for experience like Eddie has.

Responsive. We were coming from out of state, and I worried that we’d be forgotten or neglected since I couldn’t show up in person to get things done. It turned out I had nothing to worry about. Throughout the process Eddie was very quick to respond to all of my phone calls, emails, etc. This was invaluable at crunch time. Once we picked a house we liked, Eddie helped us get our application in right away and already the landlord was considering two or three other applications. Because we were quick to respond to Eddie, and he was quick to respond to us and communicate back and forth with the landlord, our application jumped to the front. I believe that quick turnaround from both of us got us into the house we liked, when otherwise we probably would have been passed over.

Good to work with. Eddie is just a genuinely nice person and really easy to work with. Finding a home can be a long process and it’s just nice if that long process can be an enjoyable one. Eddie was helpful, kind, and generous throughout, and it just made the search, the process, and the move so much smoother than it would have otherwise been. We are very happy we had his help, and look forward to working with him again. He genuinely went above-and-beyond any expectations we had for a real estate agent.

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We used Eddie Ramirez (including Loeffler Team members, Pete Loeffler and Lisa Loeffler) to list our home in Altadena. Eddie met with us quickly after we contacted him and provided us with a complete analysis on the sale of our home. Eddie recommended that we complete some necessary repairs to the home before listing it and was instrumental in arranging contractors to perform the work. He was amazingly helpful with coordinating the work and keeping the contractors on schedule. The Loeffler Team had a great eye for knowing what work should be performed to get the biggest bang for our buck.

As the home went “live,” Eddie and The Loeffler Team marketed it through many avenues, bringing in many prospective buyers. They hosted three open houses in seven days, resulting in multiple solid offers, each over the list price. Since we had moved out of the area, Eddie traveled over 100 miles to meet with us and present the offers.

After an offer was accepted, Eddie kept in constant contact with us to assist with the paperwork and to provide assistance in bringing the matter to a close a week before the scheduled closing date. Overall, it was a pleasant and efficient process, thanks to Eddie and the whole Loeffler Team!

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Since moving to SoCA a little over 2 years ago … I bought a property … sold a property … bought another property. Returning customers are of course the best evidence of a satisfied client. But more needs to be said about the Loeffler Team of ReMax. Without hesitation, it is easy to state unequivocally that the Loeffler Team are experts in real estate. That includes professional expertise in navigating the legal implications of real estate transactions; as well as deep and insightful knowledge of the community. Their advertising and management techniques are of the highest caliber. The video brochures were expert and nothing short of stunning. Their support with ancillary services, e.g. inspections, repairs, staging made for efficient and effective transactions. But beyond successful business transactions there is the “human” element in making such life changing transitions. The Loeffler team is committed to collaboration and client support. This is a team of truly good people. They are people who care and are concerned about their clients. They are people that I respect without hesitation or reservation.

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Eddie was a fantastic agent for our recent purchase. He showed us great homes that were compatible with our stated goals. When we found a property we loved, Eddie offered excellent advice and we were able to obtain our home despite not being the highest bid. He was on top of every detail of the transaction, and he even arranged for multiple services in order to get the home ready for our move in. I give him my highest recommendation!

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Eddie, Pete, and Lisa from the Leoffler Team were amazing from the beginning to the end, a whole year later. They have consistently gone above and beyond the requirements of real-estate agents. They even helped me with making my home move-in ready. Their knowledge and helpfulness is priceless!

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The Loeffler team which consists of Pete and Lisa Loeffler & Eddie Ramirez make up an amazing real estate team that helped with every step of the way in selling our home. We feel they helped us get the best price possible for our home and saved us money along the way by keeping us from spending on home improvements that would not really help the sale. It was a great advantage having a team of 3 people all working for us. There was always someone available to answer questions of which we had many. Best of all this is an experienced team that has been in real estate for many years and knew all the ins and out of the massive amount of paperwork that goes along with selling a home. We will be employing their services once again for any purchase or sell of property. Thank you Eddie, Pete & Lisa

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There’s an old saying, “if it’s too good to be true, than it probably isn’t”. Unless of course we’re talking about the Loeffler Team: Pete, Lisa, and Eddie. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL! Professional, thorough, committed, dedicated, integrity with very high standards are just some of their many attributes. We were like deer in headlights when we decided to sell our home after 24 years. The Loeffler Team provided us a superb and (very) professional presentation of their capabilities along with thorough comps of our area. They made various suggestions to help us get our beloved home ready to sell. They had a magic bag of professional handymen, stagers, home cleaners/detailers, photographers, anything needed to get our home in order and ready to sell. They presented an accurate timeline to help us get the house ready and took care of all details, marketing and advertising. Everything! Our home went live on a Friday and sold within 48 hours and not without their superior negotiating skills as we had not 1 but 11 potential offers! They handled all counter offers with professional aplomb. Thru it all, they also took time to make sure we (me mostly) were adjusting on an emotional level. That’s how it is with the Loeffler Team. They’re not just about selling homes, they will take care of you and your needs every step of the way. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think our home would sell so quickly! For a spectacular ROI, go with Loeffler!

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There really aren’t enough rating stars for Pete and Lisa. We have worked with them for over seven years, both as buyers (two purchases) and sellers (two sales). As a buyer, Pete and Lisa were extremely patient with our huge list of requirements. Their knowledge of the area helped guide our search to areas that really fit our family; their experience was invaluable in navigating the process; their negotiation skills allowed us to get the houses of our dreams during an extremely competitive market. Additionally, their support did not end when escrow closed. They have a deep list of contractors and handy folks to help during repairs, remodels and additions. As a seller, Pete and Lisa really knew how to get our house ready for sale. They knew what improvements and touch-ups would have maximum return. They presented us with options, clearly discussed pros and cons, and let us decide the direction without pressure. They went far and above the call of duty, virtually acting as our general contractor as we brought our 70 year old home up to current standards. They even made runs to pick up different lights, granite samples, etc. With our busy schedules, it would have taken us forever to get the houses ready, but the Loeffler’s made is a snap. When our two houses went on the market, they looked fantastic, showed well, and sold quickly for top dollar. Their experience helped us from getting railroaded during the negotiation process, and the sales went as smooth as I could imagine. Three thumbs up!

5 NathanMiller3

Wow! Pete, Lisa, and Eddie are above and beyond other realtors. I worked with the Loeffler team for a year to find an income property. The team really shined when the pressure was on and kept the momentum going through the offers, inspections, negotiations, and unexpected bank requirements. I have a busy pressure filled life and needed a team I could count on to get the job done. Job well done !

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For 10 years, The Loeffler Team has helped sell/buy all of our homes. The reason my wife and I keep coming back to them is because each transaction is handled flawlessly and without much effort on our part. The Loeffler Team is very knowledgable in all areas of real estate and took care of any issues that might have come up before they could turn into a problem. The Loeffler Team is warm, caring and treated us with respect. I felt like I was involved in all transactions and knew what was happening throughout the process. I would recommend The Loeffler Team to any and all of my friends and family.

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Both Pete and Lisa Loeffler are a fantastic team to work with! Being first-time home buyers, we were a little worried about finding a realtor that we could trust, who would be patient and experienced. I don’t think we could’ve made a better decision than to work with the Loefflers. We looked at over 150 homes, and Pete drove us to every single one. When we did find our home, they brought in various experts to give advice about everything from landscaping to remodeling and repairs. Pete even went with us to city hall to pull all past permits on the property and did even more research himself. And even now that we’ve closed on our home, they are still heavily involved with us in our future plans for it, as well as helping us through any issues we have. They don’t work with you just as a “customer,” but as a friend and as someone who wants you to find your dream home. They both have years of experience in the San Gabriel area and beyond and have been involved in not only real estate, but also construction, interior design, mortgage procurement, etc.. They can walk into a house with you and in about 5 minutes sum up the neighborhood, pros/cons based on the building style, potential issues with layout, foundation, roofing.. They’re fantastic! They know all of the neighborhoods, given their years of experience; not only that, but they usually know someone who lives in the neighborhood and what they think! Not many realtors have the depth and breadth of experience that the Loefflers do, and I’ll be recommending them to every friend or coworker looking to buy a home in the future.

5 user44041673

Pete and his team worked with me to find the Pasadena condo that I love so much! He took the time to understand my preferences. He clearly knew what I was looking for in a primary residence and was very mindful of my budget. As he helped me to refine my property preferences, it was to the point where he would call me with a property to look at after researching it and could say confidently that it was something that I would be interested in. And every time, he was right! He consistently followed up with answers to my questions as we went through the purchase process. I was very impressed with his negotiation skills when we were putting in offers as well as his knowledge and experience in the neighborhoods I was interested in. Once I was in escrow, he referred me to a great team of folks who took care of my financing, renovations, touch ups, and painting within the timeframe I needed so I could move in on schedule. I whole-heartedly recommend Pete and his team. I’ve worked with highly-recommended realtors for a previous property purchase and sale. Pete’s level of service, expertise, and professionalism far surpasses my previous experiences.

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It took us almost two years to find a home. We made several offers that weren’t accepted and twice went into escrow and backed out because of significant issues with the houses. Through all of this, Pete and Lisa Loeffler were patient, helpful and supportive. We never felt pressured to buy a house that wasn’t quite right; indeed, Pete told us bluntly on several occasions that he thought a house we were looking at wasn’t a good fit for us. He knows a lot about houses and would go down into the basements and attics of prospective houses and tell us the condition of the electrical work and plumbing. He is also thoroughly versed in the Pasadena permitting process and gave us advice on homes with potential for renovation. When we finally found our house, Pete helped us to see what little issues the house had and helped us figure out how to address them. In summary, Pete has been doing this a long time and is incredibly skilled. We relied on him heavily in every aspect of the home buying process and weren’t disappointed.

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It was an amazing experience having Eddie as my agent. I appreciate very much his professionalism, advice and consistent support finding my new house. Eddie understood my constrains on regards budget and my desire to be hands-on with a fixer upper. Eddie’s reliability and cordiality were key elements for me. It helped me to quickly gain trust and build a positive relationship, which is very important… we all know that finding a house that fits your expectations can be daunting and challenging, but Eddie’s personality helped to make the process enjoyable. He provided a great service not only covering the typical process of purchasing a house but also helped me tons contacting different trades to get estimates and aligning work to be done in the house. This was priceless knowing my crazy-busy work life. His service was beyond my expectations! During my house search, I got to know Lisa and Pete, from the Loeffler team. I felt immediately, that I was meeting good professional people and also new friends (along with Eddie) that really care for the person servicing. With no doubt, I will contact the Loeffler team when time comes and I am in need of real estate services again.

5 melissapaslay

As first-time homebuyers, there was a lot that we were learning as we went along. Eddie Ramirez was not only patient, but explained whatever we needed to know in terms we could understand. Our house-hunt was not easy, but Eddie was relentless in helping us search for the perfect house, negotiating and reaching out to sellers when they weren’t easily accessible, and overall, fun to work with. He took such a load off of our shoulders, making the process as smooth as he could. I was amazed at the stress he took on to make everything easier for us. He was personable, easy to talk with, and easy to get a hold of! He got us into the house of our dreams! Eddie, you get five stars in our book! Thanks for everything!

5 patdepry

The Loeffler Team sold a house that was owned by a trust. My husband is the trustee. Because the house was owned by a trust, the “project” was very difficult, and a lot more paper work and documents were required. The”team” was great to work with. They are totally awesome people and very knowledgeable with selling real estate. On a Thursday there was a “caravan”, on Sunday they had an open house, and on Monday evening, we were sitting in their office looking over 9 offers AND 21 days later the escrow was closed! They are the BEST!!!


An effective real estate agent should be a knowledgeable, experienced and realistic adviser who works for your best interests. That’s Pete and The Loeffler Team/Real Estate! With many children and a large extended family, we are looking for a property with very specific attributes. This can be difficult to find in this area. Nonetheless, Pete has found us many candidate houses. We initially thought we could find a home through real estate web sites. However, after getting to know our preferences, Pete is a much better filter and finder than any house searching algorithm alone! In the area we are searching, the market is competitive and the quality of homes can vary even in high price ranges. Fortunately Pete has navigated us through decision making, offer writing, and escrow in his wise, affable, no pressure style. He identifies and considers issues about which we would have been otherwise naïve so that we can make educated commitments. Our offers were accepted a couple of times. However, we withdrew based on problems that could only be discovered through inspection by experts lined up by Pete. Common among many successful house hunters, we have been searching for a property for more than a year. Nonetheless, with Pete, the process has been surprisingly agreeable and are grateful for his patient, practical guidance.

5 user6768942

Eddie, Lisa and Pete are a dynamic team. Highly recommend you experience their knowledge and expertise for yourself. You will not be disappointed. We were working from out of state to sell my husbands dad’s house. We had dealings with other real estate companies in California that were not ideal. We were very hesitant to conduct a business transaction of this magnitude long distance. Shouldn’t have worried. I felt that we were in the care of a long time family friend the way Eddie was responsive and quick to help. They went above and beyond expectations and poured their time and heart into getting top dollar for the house. They were easy to speak candidly with and enjoyed their professional and friendly manner. Sold the house with over 25 offers the first weekend!!! Thank you Loeffler Team!

5 aaron b kim

The Loeffler team has been great! Their extensive knowledge of the market helped us to maximize gains on the sale of our property, on the flipside, we would not be where we are without the support of Eddie and team with the purchase of our new home. Overall, our experience has been extremely positive, the entire process of approach with a level of protectiveness which really helped ease the burden of both the selling and purchase process. These guys have our full endorsement!

5 zuser20150904094407488

The Loeffler Team recently sold our beloved home of 12 1/2 years in North San Gabriel. We went with The Loeffler Team for not only their many years of experience, but because they put together a great proposal of how they were going to sell our house and get top dollar. There was work to be done on the house before it hit the market and The Loeffler Team hired and oversaw all the work to its completion. Most importantly all the work done was within the budget we gave The Loeffler Team. Leading up to the Open House the marketing material was top notch and the Open House was a success. We received multiple offers on our home and ended up selling our home for above the asking price. The process of selling your home is an emotional one and The Loeffler Team was understanding of that and was great through the whole process. We are so thankful to The Loeffler Team and would highly recommend them.

5 user34212

Eddie Ramirez was my agent for my home purchase in Pasadena. He was incredibly helpful and constructive during the entire process from bidding which was very competitive to closing. Eddie was honest and trustworthy during negotiations with the seller and the home inspections. His and Pete’s guidance and recommendations exceeded my expectations for what to expect from an agent. I am very happy with my experience and highly recommend Eddie’s and the Loeffler team’s services to any home buyer or seller.

5 njwise6

Not having a realtor of our own when it came time to sell our beloved California Bungalow, we reached out to The Loeffler Team based on a neighbor’s recommendation. We are so happy we did, as they were great from start to finish. They listened to our wants and needs and put us at ease during our initial consultation. At our next meeting The Team provided us with a professionally laid out sales proposal detailing their marketing strategy and plan to sell our home for top dollar. And when it comes to marketing and promotion, these guys are second to none. There was a “buzz” about our place from the moment it went live on the MLS. Great job! The Team was awesome when negotiating multiple offers, too. We ended up selling for well over asking price. These folks know the market very well and are masterful at what they do. Finally, we always felt like we were in the loop. They kept us informed and they are honest and transparent, which was a blessing to us. Don’t think twice about calling these folks—you’ll be in good hands.

5 janeann64

In the dictionary next to the word “professional” there should simply be a picture of Eddie Ramirez. We have bought and sold four homes in our lifetime and we have never met anyone as knowledgeable and dedicated as he is. Even the listing agent on the home we purchased said that Eddie is the best real estate agent he ever met in his life. He is a really gifted negotiator with a gut instinct for where to start the negotiation and where it should end. Beyond that Eddie genuinely cares about what is best for his clients and at any point in the sale or purchase process you know he’s looking out for your best interests. We were very concerned about the timing of the sale with the purchase, fearful of selling the one and being unable to find what we wanted in the other. Eddie deftly worded the listing in such a way that we were covered in that event. Eddie and the Loeffler Team represented us in both the sale of our existing home and the purchase of a new one. Team marketing specialist Lisa Loeffler created a stunning visual tour that appeared on our own website. A neighbor commented on the brochure Lisa created, “I never saw anything like it in my life.” We ended up with over 10 offers and sold over list price after one open house! Thanks to Eddie Ramirez and the Loeffler Team the whole process went smoothly. We ended up with the perfect home and had fun in the process.

5 zuser20140615192304960

Eddie was my agent for the purchase of my first home. Being a first time home buyer in a competitive market is difficult, but Eddie made the whole process an enjoyable one for me. He is professional and focused and we got the job done. I now consider Eddie a friend and will definitely do business again in the future.

5 zuser20140615123843091

When I started to consider purchasing my first home, I contacted the Loeffler Team to find out what my options were and what I would need to do to initiate the process. They explained everything in detail – the current housing market, market trends, how to apply for a loan, which documents were needed, and how much money I would have to have in the bank to make this happen. They were very supportive and ensured me that I could call them with any questions or concerns at any time. All team members were available on a very short notice to look at condominiums and houses as soon as they were listed. They met with me during morning hours, in the afternoons and evenings, even on weekend days. The team figured out very quickly what I was looking for. They were able to find properties that were what I wanted: in a good location (safe and close to my work place), with two bedrooms, and within my price range. They kept in close contact with the listing agents of the properties to ensure that my offers were submitted on time and that they were looked at. Only a few weeks after our first appointment, the Loeffler Team found a beautiful condominium for me. I now live in my own home and I love it! Even after the purchase was complete, they continued to help me. The team assisted me in improving my newly purchased home by referring me to a painter who did a terrific job painting my entire home and to a gentleman who painted the old kitchen cabinets and made them look like new. Members of the Loeffler team still check in from time to time and asks if I am happy with my home. There is no question in my mind about who I will contact when I am ready to purchase another property. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me.

5 KLOReilly

Pete, Lisa and Eddie are truly amazing agents. They are well connected in the real estate industry, very knowledgeable on every component of home buying and selling, and are highly competent. I recommend their services without reservation. We were referred to Pete and the Loeffler Team by our financial planner, and after speaking with a few other referrals we decided we liked Pete’s no nonsense, straightforward approach. Pete took the time to educate us on what to look for in properties and pitfalls to avoid. He was genuinely interested in helping us find the right home for our family, and he coached us throughout the shopping process, repeatedly telling us “the house sells itself, I’m here to guide you through potential problems, things to think about.” Pete, Lisa and Eddie where with us every step of the way. They consistently went above and beyond and helped us with every component of the process: shopping, offer, escrow, inspection, landscaping, move, financing, and interior design. We closed on our dream home after two months of looking and a 60 day escrow. We absolutely could not have done it without them, and we will be eternally grateful for their service. Hire The Loeffler Team – it will be the best decision you ever make!

5 alvinklee

I wanted to buy a home in the San Gabriel Valley for my parents to live in during their retiring years. Needless to say, the market for this particular area can be nightmarish for buyers. Added to that difficult task was the fact that I work and live somewhere else so would need to rely entirely on my limited English speaking parents and an agent. My parents were touring an open house one day and met the Loeffler team consisting of Pete and Lisa. Pete and my mom got to talking and his friendly enthusiasm and sympathy of my parents’ house searching situation really made an impression on her. Since we were still agentless, he recommended Eddie to assist with the paperwork involved with putting our offer in for this house. Now, I had met several agents prior during several open houses, and have yet to find one that I like, so I assumed Eddie would be no different. Eddie called me and he was kind, knowledgeable, and most importantly, very honest during our conversation. Even though our offer didn’t go through, I enlisted Eddie as my agent because of how trustworthy I felt about him through our conversations on the phone, the prompt emails, and in person. In person, his character was the same way and my mom was very impressed with his resolute hard work to find us a home. He didn’t just try to sell us any house, he could’ve too, but focused on houses that we not only like but made sense financially and with potential in future value. His optimistic attitude, insights and advisement got us a great deal on a house in the San Gabriel Valley, which seems impossible for this location. Eddie guided us through every step of the way and even now, we still go to him for suggestions and advice. My mom’s eyes shine when she sees him, that’s how grateful she is to him for finding my parents first permanent home!

5 rhonag

We had been looking for a house for our family for a number of years when we met Pete at one of his open houses. We found him to give an honest opinion and felt him to be less ‘pushy’ than others. The house we bought we absolutely love but it needs a lot of work and TLC. Pete arranged for various contractors to come and give estimates of the work that needed to be done. In most cases we ended up using Pete’s recommended contractors and they did excellent work. Pete and Lisa certainly made the whole process as painless as possible and we couldn’t be happier.

5 zuser20161007145150589

I consulted the Loeffler team last autumn to sell my mother’s home. The experience was uniformly positive and the outcome fully exceeded my expectations. Lisa and Pete were tremendously helpful in assisting me with preparing the residence for sale. Their recommendations for improvements were sensitive to my budget and greatly enhanced the marketability of the property. Their marketing strategy was thorough and well-organized. The first open house drew large numbers of potential buyers resulting in 12 offers received by that evening. I accepted an all cash offer for over the asking price, something that would not have been possible without the Loeffler Team’s targeted advertising campaign and careful attention to detail. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and recommend them highly.

5 zuser20170406114808233

These are the reasons why Eddie rocks: -Patience and support -Great listener -Was able to negotiate a lower price after appraisal was lower than what we offered. -Most importantly: Always available! Overall experience was amazing and very smooth. Gracias Eddie!

5 zuser20140523073529943

Pete, Lisa, and Eddie each contributed to the effort of helping in selling our house. They actually work as an amazing team each contributing time, expertise and requisite energy from day one through closing. Our property was both our home and our business, Offramp Gallery. It is a unique and wonderful place. There were, however, use “challenges” presented by the new Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan. The Loeffler Team was able to present these complex forces in a manner that attracted a series of equally unique potential buyers. From this group emerged the perfect buyer . . . someone who loves the property and its history, and whose own vision of a creative video software development environment will continue its participation in and enrichment of the Northwest Pasadena/Altadena Community.

5 sdssassy

A-plus! As a first time home buyer looking in the Pasadena/Altadena area, I was pretty lost about where to start. Pete and Lisa started out by showing me a mixture of houses, almost as a training exercise. They taught me what to look for and the right questions to ask. They strike the balance between quantitative and qualitative assessments. Because, let’s face it, houses aren’t purely judged by their listing sheet! Lisa will say, “That house really is charming, isn’t it? I love it.” And Pete will comment on how he knows a lot of the neighbors, and they make for a good atmosphere. These are not robotic real estate agents. They care. Also, they have real lives outside of work and are interesting, genuine people. While I was on vacation, they went and saw a house on my behalf because they thought it looked good for me. They emailed me and told me it had my name written all over it. The day after I got back, we went and saw it, and they were right. Offers were due THAT DAY at 5pm, and they facilitated everything. I recommend the Loeffler team wholeheartedly.

5 user4697507

Eddie was our agent for the sale of our house in Glendale, and we were thrilled with his work! He helped us throughout the entire process: prior to sale he identified areas in the house that needed cost-effective upgrades and connected us with good tradespeople for the work. He even checked on the progress of these jobs, and followed up if anything needed additional attention. Eddie is detail oriented and nothing goes unchecked! For the sale, he arranged for excellent photos and staging. Eddie helped us plan effectively so that we timed the sale at the right time. Our property had excellent exposure to the real estate community and we had multiple offers after the first open house. Eddie stuck with us closely throughout the negotiations and didn’t miss any details in the contract. This ended up working out nicely for us and saving us some additional money! All in all, Eddie is a forthright and honest person who works extremely hard. We would buy or sell with him again in a heartbeat!

5 dkla47

I cannot say enough about the Loeffler Team. They are outstanding professionals whose 30+ years of experience make the difference. I first met Pete when I came close to buying a home that he listed. While I didn’t get that home, I ended up asking Pete to sell my home because I was impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. He and Lisa visited my home and made a number of recommendations regarding improvements and staging. I followed their advice, although I was reluctant to spend the money. I’m glad that I listened to them because my home had 12 offers in a week and sold for significantly above the asking price. They really know how to market a home. They are also really nice people. Throughout this process, I was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and even temperament amid unexpected twists and turns. Pete regularly updated me on the progress of the sale and gave me sound advice. More than any other realtor I have dealt with, Pete is highly knowledgeable about home improvement issues. After the inspection, he was able to explain to me what needed to be done, how much it would cost, and recommend low cost businesses that he worked with in the past. He even supervised their work to make sure it was done right. Overall, he made a stressful process very smooth with his knowledge and work ethic. I hope to work with the Loeffler Team again in the future.

5 user9507841

Three years ago I engaged Eddie as my realtor for a purchase of a condo in Pasadena. Before that transaction closed (which was quite smooth) … Eddie became a dear friend that I continued to rely on throughout the 3 years that I lived in SoCA. After SIX residential real estate transactions for me and my family, Eddie remains a great friend. The message I am trying to convey is that Eddie sees his responsibility to his clients as so much more than a business transaction. Bottom line, I can say without equivocation that Eddie sees his professional scope as making a personal commitment to you. He sincerely cares that you are fully satisfied with your deal beyond the contractual requirements. He provided my family and me support and guidance about the neighborhood, the community, the services, the opportunities of specific interest to us with each and every move. His knowledge of the market is likely the best in the business. If you need a lot of transition support (as I did moving from northern CA to SoCA), Eddie was like an almanac of references for trustworthy and cost efficient contractors and tradesmen. I always had the best support from Eddie and his team. He was like my project manager when I did a significant re-model on my townhome! Now not everyone will experience 6 transactions in 3 years … and not everyone will need such intense guidance and support while transitioning to a new community … but the core take away message is that you can trust Eddie to do the best job that you can possible envision.

5 jonplang1973

We can’t say enough about the Loeffler Team and how EXTREMELY lucky we were to have them during our first home purchase in Southern California. Eddie Ramirez knows and understands the business better than anyone in the industry. Not only was Eddie able to quickly understand what we were looking for (in a home and neighborhood), but his knowledge of the business-side and infinite patience through the process proved incredibly valuable. From the offer, through the closing process and even AFTER we closed, he was there to make sure we were happy with home, providing names of contractors & checking to make sure his referrals came through. You won’t find a more helpful, knowledgeable, available, responsive, professional, patient and easy-to-work-with realtor in the business! Thank you so much, Eddie, Pete, & Lisa! – Jon & Fridah

5 mort1z

As first time home buyers, we didn’t know what we were getting into. We were intimidated of the real estate-home buying experience. A friend referred us to Eddie and has since become an integral part in making the whole process effortless. With his expertise and knowledge, we were able to navigate through all the fluff and arrived at our very first brand new condo. The whole experience was shockingly straightforward and simple, thanks to keen agents like Eddie. He advocated for us, he was proactive from start to finish, and he checked in with us to make sure our questions were answered. Eddie was honest, communicative, and pleasant to work with. We look forward to enoying our new home thanks to Eddie!

5 mjhouse2

Eddie Ramirez, a member of the Loeffler team, helped my husband and I (only 2 months married at the time) find our first home. If you want a hard-working, knowledgeable, and friendly realtor, Eddie is your guy. Eddie worked tirelessly to help us find the perfect home for our needs and wants. He was very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we were looking at to the point where he could tell us, you want to stay north of this freeway or west of this street. This knowledge also helped in narrowing down listings. With so many houses on the market it’s a lot to see and realistically you can only see 4-5 in one day before you get fatigued (which Eddie so expertly shared with us our first weekend when we wanted to see 6. Boy was he right, after 4 we were toast.) Based on our criteria he was able to tell us if a house or condo would be worth checking out or not. Of course if we really wanted to see something he would take us. Eddie is a full service realtor, almost every weekend for two months he would take us to check out 4-5 houses or condos. He would set up the appointments if they were required, and drive us to each place. It was great having him with us as as new home buyers he knew the questions to ask. He made what can be a stressful process very pleasant. When it came to offers, boy did he know his stuff, he knew exactly how to make them and how to talk to the other broker/realtor. While we did lose out on a few bids before finding our final choice it was not for Eddie’s lack of trying as the majority of them we were very close to getting. A lot of bids come down to timing, Eddie knew this and was always on top of it, even if it meant a late night for him, making sure all paperwork was completed in a timely matter and submitted within given time frames. I think my favorite attribute about Eddie is his honesty and genuieness. He was always honest with us and would answer any questions we had with truthfulness. We trusted him implicitly. I cannot more highly recommend a realtor. When it comes time to sell our current home and upgrade Eddie will not only be our first call, but our only call!

5 jys10045

Eddie Ramirez of The Loeffler Team has truly been above and beyond with his service and advice. We bought in a highly competitive market, with many cash offers, flippers and multiple offers the norm. Eddie really listened to our needs and stayed the course over many, many months of searching. I believe Eddie’s skill really impressed us as he expertly and quickly navigated the purchasing process. Even with a highly competitive and extremely short escrow, Eddie managed to save us a lot of money. Eddie was great about explaining the process, his decision making and always had us in mind when making suggestions. His advice is grounded and honest. He doesn’t recommend throwing money at a problem, he really uses his experience to help you make the right decision. Knowledgeable in many aspects of the home buying process, he helped us after the sale with remodelling, and updating resources. Clearly, Eddie is not out to just “make a sale”. He genuinely wants to make it happen for you. In this market, you really need a realtor like Eddie. There are simply too many fast moving parts that need to work flawlessly to get you through the process. Eddie saved us time and money, while making the deal for the home we wanted, and we feel very lucky that he was our realtor!

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